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Tourism board and tourism associations

This was created in 1992 and moved on to call itself The Business and Tourism Board of Llanes in 2002

At the present time it is formed by representatives of the following associations.

FOMTUR: Fomento y Turismo de Llanes (Development and tourism in Llanes)

A.R.O.A: Accommodations Rurales del Oriente de Asturias. (Rural Accommodation in the East of Asturias)

ALLARES: Asociación Llanisca de Restaurants (The Assocaition of Llanes Retaurants)

C.I.T: Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo "Oriente de Asturias"

(The Easter Asturian Centre for Iniciatives and Tourism)

ASACOLLA: Asociación de Autómos y Comeciantes de Llanes.

(The Association of Self-Employed Businessmen and Shopkeepers in Llanes)

Unión Empresarial de Turismo Activo y Viviendas Vacacionales del Principado de Asturias. (The Principality of Asturias Union of Adventure Tourism Businesses and Holiday Homes)

In addition to the representatives of the associations the Table is also comprised of townspeople who play a significant role in tourism as well as representatives of the Corporation.

At the beginning of 2005, The Body for Managing SICTED (Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística en destino Integrated System of Quality Tourism Destinations) was formed. This was formed by three representatives of the Board of Business and Tourism together with representatives of the Tourism Management, the Chamber of Commerce, the ICTE (Institute for Quality in Spanish Tourism) and the Local Government of Llanes. There is also one representative at the Golf Course Board and the Craft Centre Board.


This association is formed by 23 restaurants and "sidrerias" all around the borough

  • It's objetives are:

Carrying out the cuisine days :

  • Fabada, Beans and Bean Stew (October)
  • Maize and Flour (March)
  • Shellfish (May)

Training workers and employers associated in order to get a better professionalism.

Carrying out professional meetings every year.

  • Hotel and Restaurant equipment Fair of East Asturias
  • Professional Gastronomic Meeting of East Asturias.

Providing legal advice to the associated members.

Being the driving force of the restaurant industry promotion in the distric with the yearly leaflet publication and with the web http://www.restaurantesdellanes.com/

Taking part in every activities with other turístic and cultural associations for the development in Llanes.


FOMTUR is a Touristic Accommodation Association created in 1990 thanks to a small hotel manager group efforts. At the beginning they were only twelve establishments. Nowadays they're seventy four establishments, in Ribadedeva and Llanes boroughs, to satisfy every kind of guest.

Objetives: To promoted its members in Distric, to be useful as a link between establishments and guest, and to defend its bussines interests.


To take part in Regional, National and International Tourism Fairs.

To Publish leaflets about its establishments and tourist attraction.

Marketing thanks to its booking centre www.fomtur.com

advertising campaign

Personal Attention to the businessman and the guest.

Courses to its sector.

Business consulting.

Legal aid.

To be the members representative in several publics or privates organizations.

To organize, to take part in, or to cooperate with private and public local, regional o national organizations in several events .

Address: Oficina de Turismo c/ Posada Herrera. Casa de Cultura 33500 Llanes. info@fomtur.com


Nautical Station of Llanes (Estación Naútica de Llanes)

Web for the Nautical Station Association of Llanes (accomodation, restaurants and leisure activities)