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Playa del Sablón

The beach at El Sablón

This is the main beach in the town of Llanes. It is only 100 metres in length, but has fine sand, calm waters and a gentle semi-circualr shape. It is very close to the centre of the town, along the avenue which shares its name. On the left hand side of the beach you find St. Peter´s Point which marks the Start of the Paseo de San Pedro (the clifftop walk of St. Peter.)

The Playa del Sablón is classified as an urban beach, and it goes without saying that it is one of the most frequented beaches in the borough. It has numerouns facilities, such as car parks, vehicular access, access onto the beach for the disabled visitor, life guards, a first aid post, showers, waste bins, telephones, beach clearing services, hotels and other types of accommodation as well as the most beautiful setting and its clifftop walkway.