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Playas, mareas y temperatura del agua

Beaches, the tide and water temperature


Llanes has the greatest number of beaches of any municipality in Asturias. The beaches are situated along the 56km of coastline in the borough of Llanes.
There are beaches to suit every taste: near the town and well populated, out in the wilds and seldom visited, large, small, open and enclosed, sheltered or open to the weather, with or without a river, sandy, rocky etc. The beaches at Toró and Palombina-Las Cámaras has been awarded the Q for Quality award.


The tide goes through a full cycle every 12 hours, more or less, making a total of two low tides and two high tides every 24 hours. There is about 4 metres difference between the low and high tides, when there is a full moon and 1.5 metres when there is a new moon.


The water temperature varies between 11 ºC in winter and 19 ºC in summer. These temperatures are subject to changes according to the presence of warmer or cooler currents in the sea.