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Playa de Torimbia

The beach at Torimbia

This is one of the most beautiful beaches along the Llaniscan coast. It has been popular since the 1960s because it is also a nudist beach. Access to the beach is via the village of Niembro, along the asphalted path towards the hill at the top of the Cape of Prieto. This area is used as a car park. From here a pedestrian walkway goes down to the beach.

Torimbia is classified as a natural beach since it is surrounded by spectacular countryside and has cliffs of more than 50 metres in height, which form part of the north face of the flat sierra called Los Llanos. The beach has life guards, danger signs a Red Cross post and beach cleaning services as well as a refreshments stall in the high season.


Here the film has been shot: EL ABUELO (1998)

Don Rodrigo de Arista believed that he knew what honour was, that was until he came back from South America old, half blind and ruined. Upon the death of his only son, he finds out that one of his two granddaughters is illegitimate.

She has none of the noble blood of Albrit. At the end of his days, he must know the real situation. His daughter-in-law refuses to reveal the information and so he has to fall back on all his ingenuity to find out the truth.

Director: José Luis Garci
Script: José Luis Garci and Horacio Valcárcel
Production: José Luis Garci
Director of production: Luis María Delgado
Cameraman: Ricardo G. Navarrete
Set Designer: Gil Parrondo
Photography: Raúl Pérez Cubero

Rodrigo de Arista: Fernando Fernán-Gómez
Pío Coronado: Rafael Alonso
Lucrecia Richmond: Cayetana Guillén Cuervo
Senén: Agustín González
Cristina Cruz, Alicia Rozas, Fernando Guillén, Francisco Piquer, María Massip, José Caride, Francisco Algora, Enma Cohen


Here the film has been shot: EL GENIO TRANQUILO (2005)

A watchmaker from Soweto finds an old shoe box and uses it as an improvised camera. Through the camera he discovers images of the past; where 35 years previously the film “Aoom” was shot. This jump in time creates some very unusual links with the characters of that film.

The actors are influenced by the countryside and film up hill and down dale ; Luis Ciges, to whom the was dedicated, Bill dykes, a less than bright detective, Lex Barker, an actor with career problems, Gilda Hodgkinson, a mad witch, amongst others. Shoebox at the ready, the man from Soweto travels over beaches, rocks and cliffs, finding the disturbing statue of an African witchdoctor, the sculptures of the Cave at Cardín, the Cubes of Memory and the Idol at Peña Tú. He feels in the rise and fall of the sea and the reflections of the bubbling water, the presence of the tranquil genius and his indecipherable message.

Manuel Medina and Pepín el Nuestru, with a brief prelude by Aitan Sánchez Gijón and Ayanta Barilli, are the characters of a story in which the camera of Javier Blanco, the editing of Celia Cervero and the music of Carles Cases bring to life the poetic character of The Quiet Genius as well as that of the eastern part of Asturias.


Director: Gonzalo Suárez



Manuel Medina, Pepín "El Nuestru", Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Ayanta Barilli.