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Playa de Toró
Playa de Toró

The beach at Toró

This is a most spectacularly beautiful beach and has the Q for Quality award. It is shell shaped and  220 metres long. All over the beach there is a series of rock  pinacles, which are the remains of the limestone cliffs in the area.

The beach is classified as semi natural and is situated close to Llanes in a semi residential area. It has excellent acess, from Llanes via the road which goes up to Cué. There are car parks and a wide variety of services such as life guards and a Red Cross post as well as a beach cleaning service, showers, foot baths, toilets, a drinking water fountain, waste bins, telephones, a coastal walkway and pedestrian footpaths. There is hotel accommodation, both seasonal and all year round as well as a campsite nearby. There are also toilets and showers for the disabled as well as a buggy service for disabled acces to the water.


Here the film has been shot: EL ABUELO (1998)


Don Rodrigo de Arista believed that he knew what honour was, that was until he came back from South America old, half blind and ruined. Upon the death of his only son, he finds out that one of his two granddaughters is illegitimate.

She has none of the noble blood of Albrit. At the end of his days, he must know the real situation. His daughter-in-law refuses to reveal the information and so he has to fall back on all his ingenuity to find out the truth.

Director: José Luis Garci
Script: José Luis Garci and Horacio Valcárcel
Production: José Luis Garci
Director of production: Luis María Delgado
Cameraman: Ricardo G. Navarrete
Set Designer: Gil Parrondo
Photography: Raúl Pérez Cubero

Rodrigo de Arista: Fernando Fernán-Gómez
Pío Coronado: Rafael Alonso
Lucrecia Richmond: Cayetana Guillén Cuervo
Senén: Agustín González
Cristina Cruz, Alicia Rozas, Fernando Guillén, Francisco Piquer, María Massip, José Caride, Francisco Algora, Enma Cohen


Here the film has been shot: EL DETECTIVE Y LA MUERTE (1994)


In a European city which is shaken by racial disturbances, a powerful magnate is going to come face to face with the only power which is it is impossible to cheat or corrupt; Death. The detective tries to find the woman he loves and a young, innocent girl follows him, proposing that he takes on the case of her child who was killed in his cot by a gunman.

Director: Gonzalo Suárez
Script: Gonzalo Suárez and Azucena Rodz.
Production: Andrés Vicente Gómez
Director of Photography: Carlos Suárez

Detective Cornelio: Javier Bardem
The Dark Man: Carmelo Gómez
Maria: Maria de Medeiros
G.M.: Héctor Alterio
Don Luis: Francis Lorenzo
Duchess: Charo López

• Silver Shell, Javier Bardem best actor
San Sebastián 1994
• Awards and distinctions in international
• The film has participated in various film festivals




Here the film has been shot: AOOM 1969


The film tells the story of Ristol, an actor who is tired of himself and the world. He tires to escape from his body, which imprisons him. This is the first full length feature film made in the eastern part of Asturias by Gonzalo Suárez. It is one of his most important films. In this film he has mixed various genres, humour, tragedy and adventure to tell a story of impossible love.

Director and script: Gonzalo Suárez
Producer: Enrique Esteban
Executive Producer: Carlos Boue
Photography: Carlos Suárez
Musical Director: Alfonso Sainz
Costume design: Helene Girard
Editor: Maricel
Camera: Carlos Suárez
Music based on the Works of Alfonso Sainz,
placed by Los Pekenikes and Taranto´s
Production: Hersua Interfilmses y Taranto’s
Producción: Hersua Interfilms

Ristol: Lex Baker
Ana: Teresa Gimpera
Loco de Amor: Julián Ugarte
Pescadora: Romy
Constantino: Luis Ciges

The Beach at Toró was also the location for scenes from La Balsa de piedra and the television series Una gloria nacional.