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The Chapel of St Mary Magdalene

1949. The story takes place in an Asturian village where the great writer, Blas Otamendi, has just died. His nephew, Julio, who is a teacher in France, goes to the funeral. When he meets family members later in the family manor house, he begins to remember his childhood. Uncle and nephew begin to relive the old memories, hidden in the past and relive the loves of the magic summer of 1925.

Here the film has been shot: HISTORIA DE UN BESO 2002

Director: José Luis Garci
Script: J. Luis Garci, Horacio Valcárcel
Producer: José Luis Garci
Executive producer: Luis María Delgado
Photography: Raúl Pérez Cubero
Cameraman: Ricardo Navarrete
Set Designer: Gil Parrondo

Don Blas: Alfredo Landa
Andrea: Ana Fernández
Don Telmo: Agustín González
Julio: Carlos Hipólito
Manuel Lozano, Beatriz Rico, Tina Sáinz, Francisco Algora, José Caride, Valeriano Andrés, Alfonso Delgado, Mari Paz Pondal, Pilar Ordoñez, Rafael de Penagos.

Other scenes from this film were shot in the towns of Llanes  and Posada