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La Huera de Meré

The village is situated in the valley of the same name, some 16 km from Llanes on the intersection of the roads AS-115 (Posada-Robellada) and LLN-7 (Llanes- Meré), very close to the village of Meré. It comprises a small group of houses and nearby there is a watermill which is still working. 

Here the film has been shot: LA BALSA DE PIEDRA 2002


A disaster causes the separation of the Spanish peninsula from the rest of the continent and it begins floating off on the ocean like a stone raft. The U.S.A. sees the possibility of getting more territory and citizens. Spanish and Portuguese people abandon their houses in order to escape the dangers on the coast and go wandering about on the inland roads. They become even more disorientated when the peninsula begins to pivot on its axis and the sun rises in the west.


Director: George Sluizer
Script: George Sluizer and Yvette Biro,
based on a novel by José Saramago
Music: Henny Vrienten
Photography: Goert Giltay
Producer: A joint production by Spain, Holland and Portugal

Pedro Orce: Federico Luppi
María Guevaira: Icíar Bollaín
José: Gabino Diego
Ana Padrão, Diogo Infante, Antonio San Juan, Simon Chandler, Marqués d’Arede, Manuel Galiana.