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Llanes Golf Course

This is located between the villages of Cué and Andrín, some 4 km from Llanes. This course is a Scottish Links type with 18 holes. Par 71 White poles 5859 metres SSS 72. Yellow poles 5687 metres SSS71. Blue poles 5,009 metres SSS 72. Red poles 4,699 metres SSS 71. Its location makes it possible to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the borough of Llanes, with the sea to the north and the mountains of the Sierra del Cuera to the south.

Here the film has been shot: MI NOMBRE ES SOMBRA 1996


Doctor Beiral is ridden by his internal conflicts between his own social persona and the dark instincts which torment him. Via his experiments he brings to life the monstrous being, which he had repressed within himself.


Director et script: Gonzalo Suárez
Executive Producer: Gonzalo Suárez
Director of production: Alejandro Vázquez
Director of Photography and camera:
Javier Salmones
Music: Carles Cases
Artistic director: Wolfgang Burmann
Production: Ditirambo Films et El Deseo


Doctor Beiral: François-Eric Gendron
Florence: Amparo Larrañaga
El Otro: Jean Claude Adelin
Mary: Elena Fernández
El padre: Fernando Hilbeck


The award for the best photography