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The Palacio de Partarríu


This is located close to the exit from Llanes in the direction of Santander. In this area there are some magnificent examples of Indiano architecture. The building itself, which was converted to house a hospital during the Spanish Civil War, was completed in 1899. It was erected by Jose Parres Piñera, but he hardly had time to enjoy the house since he died there only one year after its completion.

Here the film has been shot: EL ORFANATO 2007

Laura and her family return to the orphanage where she grew up in order to open a home for disabled children. Her son begins to lose himself in playing strange games which disturb Laura. After some strange events she begins to investigate the dramatic past of the house in which she is living

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
Scripts: Sergio G. Sánchez
Producer:Joaquín Padró,
Mar Targarona and Álvaro Augustín
Director of production: Sandra Hermida
Music: Fernando Velázquez
Director of photography: Óscar Faura

Laura: Belén Rueda.
Carlos: Fernando Cayo.
Simón: Roger Príncep.
Mabel Rivera, Montserrat Carulla, Andrés Gertrudix, Edgar Vivar and Geraldine Chaplin.

7 Prix Goya: meilleur jeune réalisateur et meilleur Scripts inclus


Here the film has been shot: MI NOMBRE ES SOMBRA 1996

Doctor Beiral is ridden by his internal conflicts between his own social persona and the dark instincts which torment him. Via his experiments he brings to life the monstrous being, which he had repressed within himself.

Director et script: Gonzalo Suárez
Executive Producer: Gonzalo Suárez
Director of production: Alejandro Vázquez
Director of Photography and camera:
Javier Salmones
Music: Carles Cases
Artistic director: Wolfgang Burmann
Production: Ditirambo Films et El Deseo

Doctor Beiral: François-Eric Gendron
Florence: Amparo Larrañaga
The Other: Jean Claude Adelin
Mary: Elena Fernández
The father: Fernando Hilbeck

The award for the best photography

Mi nombre es sombra