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The plain at La Borbolla

This is located 16km from Llanes and 5 km from the coast in the so called Valle Oscuru or “Hidden Valley”. Traditional architecture is everywhere in the valley, even though there are numerous examples of Indiano architecture. Life here is based upon agriculture, cattle and tourism in the local area.

Here the film has been shot: CORAZÓN DEL BOSQUE 1978

It is the year 1952 and a mythic Guerrilla known as “El Andarín” comes down to the street party of the village. A young girl looks
at him spellbound. Years later, the girl has become an attractive woman, Amparo, who continues to be in love with the maqui.

Director: Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
Script: Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
and Luis Megino
Production: Luis Megino
Director of production: Enrique G. Macho
Photography: Teo Escamilla
Editor: José Salcedo
Set Designer: Félix Murcia

Juan: Norman Brisky
Amparo: Ángela Molina
El Andarín: Luis Politti
Suso: Víctor Valverde
Atilano: Santiago Ramos
Raúl Freire, Norma Bocaicoa, Margarita Mas, Julián Navarro.