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Senda La Cuesta

The Cuesta Path

Accesible from Llanes: The route starts next to the Hermitage of Christ (la Ermita del Cristo), in La Portilla. In order to get there we´ll have to take the deviation to Cué and Andrín at the entrance of the Town of Llanes. A few metres ahead, taking a turn to the right we´ll pass by the entrance of a camping, where from we´ll have to walk to the Hermitage. A sign will direct us to the starting point of the route to the left.

The path extends over 3 km and goes around the high side of a hill, in the plain of which is situated the municipal golf course. The sight of the coast to discover all along is spectacular, including the historic centre of the Town of Llanes and its monuments, the fishing port with the creation of the Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola “The Cubes of Memory”, the Village of Cué, the pastures and shelving along the coast.

Starting point: La Portilla. Finishing point: close to the Ballota Beach. Dificulty: low. Duration: 2 hours (both ways).