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Campo de Bufones de Pría y Poza de las Grallas

The field of Bufones at Pría y Poza de las Grallas

Access is made through the village of Belmonte on the AS-379, taking a narrow detour to the right. We will leave the vehicle in a free parking lot that is located before reaching the village ofLlames de Pría, since vehicle access is not allowed, from the parking lot to the bufones there are 1,300 meters. We will follow the indications to get first to the Guadamía beach and taking a path to the west of the beach to the bufones. You can get to the chasm of la Poza de las Grallas over the field of bufones, although there is no well defined path. The vertical walls of the site are used by many sea birds as a nesting site.

A walking route, called the Route of the Bufones, leaves the field of bufones and goes towards the beach at Villanueva and the beach at Cuevas del Mar. Later the route returns to Llames, going in a big circle and passing through the local villages.