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El Camín Encantáu

This is a legendary voyage through the mythology of Asturias. It involves stories and legends which have come down to us through time.

Snakes, Xanas (water spirits), trasgos (mischievous spirits). Do you really believe that they don’t exist?
Enjoy a journey through time where human imagination and respect for the environment go hand in hand.

The project, “El Camín Encatáu” in the Valle de Ardisana (Llanes) was put in motion by the Asociación La Ablanosa with the collaboration of the local government of Llanes and was inaugurated in 2007.


Round trip: 9 km
Time taken: 2 h y 15 m.
Degree of difficulty: Low

The route begins in La Venta. Following the arrows, you make your way from here to Comezán via a variety of pathways, tracks, and a stretch of local road towards the villages of La Malatería, Palaciu, Ardisana and Ricaliente. The route leaves from the edge of the river S. Miguel and is flat at first, going uphill towards Comezán. Afterwards it’s less steep as you go towards La Malatería . From there it’s level and then goes slightly downhill, getting a bit steeper as you go towards Ardisana and Ricaliente.

El Pataricu keeps a look out with his one eye, El Nuberu, is the king of the rain and of storms, El Cuélebre is the guardian of treasures and of princesses, El Busgosu, is the guardian of the woods. These and other characters will help you explore the well loved history of the Valley of Ardiasana.

The route finishes in Ricaliente, among the Group of hórreos (grain stores) and next to the figure of La Castañera. From here the easiest way to get back to La Venta, about 2km away, is by the local road, the LL-14.


-This is a route for walkers, rather than a stroll or a museum visit. It is necessary to walk for a long distance over ground which is not completely flat. At the start it is quite steep.

- You need trainers at the very least. Flip flops, sandals or high heels are not recommended, especially when it has rained a few days previously and there is mud on the path.

-This is an ideal family route but not for prams or pushchairs, since most of the time you would have to carry it, especially uphill.

-You must follow the signs at all times to avoid getting lost. You must pay attention to the signs, which are wooden with a green plaque and are not always easy to see.

-It is also unadvisable to go by car from one village to the next because in places like Gomezán or Malatería, there is almost nowhere to park the car without intruding on people’s property.


Croquis del Caminu Folleto